Facebook is like a big happy online jamboree tales, we are all drawing our pictures on this big stage.  As facebook can interact with consumers and customers, and know their behaviour , and also can get  quick feedbacks and responses. As a business technology, facebook is successful.  Because facebook has its fan page and group page which is efficient and economical.

By comparison, phone and email business is expensive and cumbersome. Secondly, it is incredibly useful  that Facebook’s  photo feature is embedded in a broader social network. Also Facebook can connect to other   social networks , so Facebook users can easily access to other social network websites from Facebook, without setting up more that one accounts.  Finally, I’ve been noticing that Facebook is beginning to displace Evite as the preferred vehicle for party invitations among my friends. This is another case where having a pre-existing social network is a huge advantage.

But at the same time, Facebook also has been through its shortages and risks, such as its privacy problem, unstable social information for some high-requirement level business issues.

All in all, facebook as a successful business tool is getting more and more popular while we are hoping to see its improvement for business in social media environment.

Here are some tips for people who want to create their business on facebook:

  1. set up your fan page profile picture :  this picture can be updated frequently on the different sale season or new product/ theme coming. This is the first step to give facebook users the first impression about who you are.
  2. Remember to have your company website link and the introduction about your business on your profile page
  3. upload photos of your products or something relevant to your business
  4. update the statuses frequently: so people will notice your business and know the latest news
  5. build a good friendship with other facebook business users and build links with each other
  6. organize some social events and invite people to join , then upload those photos of your business activities to gain the trust and interests.
  7. Be active and interactive with updating status and involved in discussion
  8. be creative and innovative

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