Wasting Time!

Wasting time. Facebook is addictive whether you are using it for personal or business and too much valuable time is being wasted on Facebook.  So high-efficient professionals may not use facebook as their business tool.

Some facebook users keep checking their facbeook profile as soon as they get up, or before they go to sleep. And when you click on a friends photos , it is easy to open other things which are related to also.   So you spent on facebook and then it turns to be a procrastinating from doing other tasks at hand such as your job/study,doing something valuable. It is like taking away from quality time spent with significant others.

Wondering that why some people always have to check your Facebook profile and to see who has written on your wall, and check comments on their  photos or on their status etc.  Actually it is taking away from the real  time spent with friends and family. And the popularity of new technology such as iPhone and Blackberry phone also are “helping” facebook to take away from  quality time with real people.

8) Which is your favorite Social Media site ? Again give us reasons why you like it.
I probably should not say this, but I do not find Facebook that useful. Susanne says it is because i do not appreciate the social grooming side of it. I like twitter better, not for the grooming but as a tool for finding and disseminating information about useful stuff found on the Web. I think Linkedin’s professional discussion groups have potential.

My favorite Social Media site is the Wikipedia, though. It has become an amazing source of information. Here’s a tip: If you are going in deep on a particular topic, read the Discussion section, where you can see the contributors argue about what should be included and what should not. You can find interesting arguments and links that do not make it into the published text there.

- Per Koch (Owner – Pandia.com)   “I do not find Facebook that useful”


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