Thoughts on: MasterChef Australia Season 2

There is one particular TV show that has really utilised the benefits social media, and that is the Channel 10 show MasterChef Australia. This Australian made TV program is currently employing Twitter and Facebook as a means of marketing and promotion. This year the cooking reality TV show premiered on April 19 and was able to pull in 1,692,000 viewers Australia wide; ranking MasterChef at number 1 that Monday evening. The first week of the show – “Top 50” – saw an average of 1,502,400 viewers a night, cementing the show within the top 5 of that week. As MasterChef progressed over the weeks so did the ratings. The show is now in its 7th week and the average viewers a night currently stand at 1,724,600. This amazing result is not by traditional advertising alone, it is also thanks to social media.

By observing the TV program’s Facebook Page, which currently has just over 95,000 Fans, it is clear that the level of engagement is astounding. From the very beginning the Page was promoting the show’s premier to create a sort of anticipation, buzz and hype amongst the Fans.

However, the Page does not rely on the show and its contestants alone for engagement. By posting up external links to the contestants’ recipes published on the MasterChef website it enables hundreds of likes and opinions as well as drives traffic flow to their website. It is certain the Page sparks conversation but there is also a personal level that the Page developed with its Fans, asking them questions like “What’s your favourite meal of the day – breakfast, lunch or dinner?” or “What’s your favourite dish to cook?”

These sorts of conversations on the Wall create a kind of intimacy with the show as well as Fan devotion. As the week’s developed contestants were being voted out one by one and the level of compassion and attachment the Fans had to the contestants vastly grew (see below).

Consequently, it is evident that MasterChef Australia’s Facebook Page is a success story, and as the TV show’s second season draws to a close in the next few weeks it will be interesting to see how the Page develops. Due to their solid social media relationship with their 95,000 odd Fans it would not be a surprise if hundreds of comments and likes generate into thousands.


Pictures from MasterChef Australia Facebook Page

Ratings from TV Tonight


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