Neilsen Scan Data

The number of Australians accessing social media sites has also continued to grow in the past year, with unique audience for Australia’s most popular social media site, Facebook, surpassing eight million for the first time in August 2009. Twitter was the other major success story for the category, up 979 percent to 1.5 million in August 2009.
“Social media was always going to be a success story, but the extent of that success has caught many people by surprise,” observes Melanie Ingrey, Director, Market Research, Nielsen. “To see a category double its time online numbers in a year, off what was already a considerable base, is truly phenomenal and the mind boggles at where we can go from here.”

– Nielsen Scan Media Release October 2009

This table provides a picture of the reach that the top 50 websites visited in Australia has. In this table you will see that Facebook is within the top 5 Australian websites and although Facebook is not number 1 it is evident that it has the higher percentage of change in Unique Audience.


Chart from Nielsen Netview

Table from Nielsen NetView panel data, July 2009 vs June 2009


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