Access to Private Information!

Easy access to your private information.  Facebook   allows  you  to  enter sensitive  information  which  you  might  not  realize  how  easy  it is for an outsider to obtain it.

Nowadays, facebook already became a very popular communication tool, however facebook still has its shortages when it is used a business tool which we should be aware of.

The first one is that facebook actually offer people an easy access to view others’ private information. Facebook allows people to view others profile, pictures and messages from other people. And sometimes facebook users are unaware of the dangers of the internet and issues such as hacking. When facebook users share  some details of their lives on facebook, like where they are at, within a  particular time,  it is like giving out the details of  their location, (or maybe with phone numbers when u told someone on the wall of  facebook, and black berry pins something like that.) And also maybe you will have some random friends who you do not actually know on facebook to view those information.

An article in the Times dated 03rd March 2009, stated that Facebook users are at risk as hackers target the site and further noted that users were at risk from malicious hackers targeting the site, as thieves try to capitalize on the trust users place on the service. This can be potentially damaging based on what information you have stored on your ‘About me page’ or information shared with friends via private messages etc. You should try and refrain from sharing sensitive information such as bank account information and private passwords etc.

as  IT Business Edge blogger Loraine Lawson writes:

  • I do not get Facebook as a business tool. Oh sure, Facebook is great for keeping up with my friends’ reading habits or musical tastes without actually talking to them. But even when I’ve tried to use Facebook for more professional pursuits, it fell flat. In particular, I don’t get “the Wall.” How are you supposed to use it? It’s not really good at anything: Blogs are better for posting personal updates; e-mail, IM and discussion groups are all better for conversation and comments. To me, the Wall is like a pencil without a lead – pointless.

Facebook has fixed the issue. Barry Schnitt, Policy Communications at Facebook, writes:

We originally included IP address information in these email headers as part of industry best practices designed to improve spam filters. This is similar to what many webmail providers do. However, we agree this practice no longer makes sense for Facebook and we’ve discontinued it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Matt C. at Binary Intelligence Blog explains that Facebook’s automated email notifications appear to contain the IP address of the user(1).

This may not be the most dangerous of Facebook’s privacy problems, and it’s certainly not the only one.


(1) Xeni Jardin , Yet another Facebook privacy risk: emails Facebook sends leak user IP address      from


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