Case Study: Tattoo Pride for Tattoo Artistry (Singapore)


The first annual Singapore Tattoo Show is an event endorsed and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and included Miami Ink’s Chris Garver as the event’s ambassador. The primary aim for this event was to gather at least 5,000 attendees to the one place where 120 tattoo artists and exhibitors would display their talents as well as their funky fresh designs while DJ Shawn Lee MC’ed and played music. Traditionally, an event of this size and proportion organising the show would start by sending out postal mail and emails through the mailing list created via their website.

Connect and engage

“Engaging community involvement is not so easily achieved in more traditional marketing methods.”

–          Andrew Peters

As this is a brand new show organisers needed new and innovative methods to promote on social media networks. According to Andrew Peters, Asia-Pacific Regional Director of the Pacific West Communications, marketing the event into social media via Facebook was a method that was imperative and untested. Peters helped set up a Facebook group called “Tattoo Artistry” three months before of the show; creating a virtual meeting place prior to the actual event. By creating the group under the title of “Tattoo Artistry” instead of “The Singapore Tattoo Show” was a tactic Peters implemented in order to reach globally, build momentum and also exist beyond the event’s first year.

After generating the group Peters noticed that members were joining vastly on a daily basis and the level of engagement between tattoo enthusiasts was extraordinary; photos of tattoos were being posted up and conversations started to flourish. By breathing the life into the group the Singapore Tattoo Show consequently saw over 15,000 attendees, three times the event’s expected number. To this day ‘Tattoo Artistry’ is the largest social network of the Asian tattoo industry. Peter states, “Social media like Facebook offer immediacy, freedom to be who you are, the opportunity to meet others who are similar, and to have a place to fit in. Event organisers must see beyond their immediate need to put ‘bums on seats’ for the next event and instead engage people to build support and loyalty over many years.”


Scott, D. M. (2010). In The New Rules of Marketing and Pr: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly. John Wiley & Sons Inc. p.40-41


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