Case Study: SUPRE Clothing


Last year Australian social media marketing company Mudo Media put together a Whitepaper entitled “Zero to 40,000 fans” with the tag line “How Mudo helped fashion icon SUPRE build the largest and most engaging Facebook Page in Australia.” Over a 5 month period of Social Media and Marketing Strategies using Facebook they were able to collate all the data and statistics to come up with really interesting facts. On a daily basis SUPRE’s Facebook Page generated an average:

  • 299 new Fans
  • 838 Page views

“Social media as a short term solution is suicidal both for the client and agency; relationships are a long term thing!”

–          Mudo Media

Mudo had to action a plan in order to engage the fans so they produced four different categories of content on the Page:

  • Convo: designed to stimulate conversation with the fan base
  • Pic: uploading professionally taken photos to expose the fan base to particular products
  • Link: usually links to the client’s external website and relevant information
  • Product: used to test new designs or ask for consumer feedback on possible new items

Along with these various updates Mudo had to get SUPRE’s tone just right to engage on the same level as its’ fan base. Consequently, the research found that by this sort of engagement between client and customer it created a ripple effect; the ripple makes its way through that Facebook user’s friends’ newsfeeds and highlight sections, keeping them up to date with what their friend is doing. It also saved SUPRE serious money as they could see what their customers liked and disliked in the upcoming products, therefore the brand was able to cater their look to that of their customers, keeping them happy and wanting more.

Listening to the customers!

“Old school market research is dead.”

–          Mudo Media

Mudo’s ability to conduct this sort of real-time market research saved SUPRE not only money but time and their brand image. One particular issue that was brought up by one Fan was the petite sizes of the models used in SUPRE’s advertising, deeming the size as inappropriate for the age demographic. As this issue sparked a string of comments, enabling the voice of the Fans to become louder, Mudo immediately approached SUPRE with the issue and they were quick to address it.

Consequently, Mudo and SUPRE came up with an online competition for the Fans to get involved. They asked the Fans to post up the best photo of themselves up in the Fan Photos section and whichever photo received the most likes would make the finals in becoming the new face of next season’s ad campaign. This generated:

  • 325 images within 3 hours
  • 603 images posted over the 14 day application period

After the application closed the finalists photo album received 537 comments and 302 likes over the 7 days of voting. Overall, 3,790 interactions with the brand through the Page occurred over the entire 21 day period. By actioning this sort of voting method through the platform of a Facebook Page it was able to turn such a “topical issue into a positive outcome for both the brand and its consumers.”


Images from Supre Facebook Page

Watkins, M. and Devery, J. (2009) Mudo Media Whitepaper Series “Zero to 40,000 fans” Ed. Stephen Collins.


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