Case Study: Australian Bananas


This multi-media “Make Your Body Sing” campaign was headed by Australian Bananas marketing manager David Chenu in early January 2010. Over a 6-month period there was dedicated Facebook advertising paired with being the major sponsor of the Channel Ten show So You Think You Can Dance. This sort of marketing strategy resulted in an astounding number of Facebook Fans; from zero to 10,000. This was a huge achievement for the company as only 5% of brand Pages on Facebook accumulate over 10,000 Fans.

On top of this great result, this milestone was reached the same week as the So You Think You Can Dance Finale.

Reaching Out

The “Banana lounge” in So You Think You Can Dance and the youthful tone of Facebook Page complimented well and gave a message of “…good times, with fun, with energy, with happiness” for the company’s target age demographic of 18-24. Facebook was the best platform for this particular image they wanted to portray; Youth, Health and Nutrition. And after observing their research Chenu states that Facebook users view the internet more as a place for entertainment, social communication and interaction, rather than for more functional purposes. So, along with posting up fun recipes they had a youthful tone in their Facebook updates. Chenu states that though it’s too early to see if this multi-million dollar strategy was a success in sales among young adults Australian Bananas are being optimistic this new angle has increased sales nonetheless.

“As the market becomes increasingly integrated into online social networking, so will our dedication to it as a means of presenting the health and nutritional benefits of bananas so they can play a key part in everyone’s diet every day as they deserve,”

–          David Chenu, Marketing Manager


Australian Bananas Facebook Page

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