Welcome to Facebook as a Successful Business Tool!

As we all know social media, especially Facebook, is proven to be a very valuable and influential communication tool in this technological era. As a great networking tool for the 21st century, millions around the world are utilising its immense features, whether it’s for personal or business reasons.

Media industries are exploring different ways of marketing and advertising various content, programs, services and products to mass audiences. Social media could be an innovative platform in which media networks, broadcasters and businesses can utilise its features to their advantage.


The aim of our research project was to achieve three things:

  1. Discover Facebook’s successfulness for both business and media industries
  2. Explore the potential of Facebook
  3. Examine the strengths and possible risks of Facebook


As our study topic is a fairly new technology a majority of our research will come from interviews, articles, journals and statistical data and previous case studies.

In our study we investigated the ways in which all sorts of businesses use Facebook to socialise with their audiences; advertising, promotional, marketing and communication tools.

The second part of this study utilised the data collected to determine whether or not Facebook is successful in its ways of disseminating information to better various businesses.

Key Questions:

In order to answer of main question “How is Facebook used as a Successful Business Tool?” we must ask the following questions:

What defines a successful business tool?

Through the use of Facebook as a business tool, how do we judge its success?

Why is Facebook chosen as an advertising and promotional platform?

Downloadable Presentation:

The presentation was made using a PowerPoint slide show to give an overview of how we view Facebook is used both currently and in the future in a business context.

Media Industries 1 – Facebook as a Successful Business Tool.


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